The Unitryb brand heritage traces back to the early 90's when they became known for pioneering trendsetting looks like the grunge movements brushed flannel uniform, followed by the reinvention of the retro sweater knits as seen above in previous editorials. Like the name "Unitryb", the inclusive looks transcended channel segmentation, demographic and cultural barriers uniting wide audiences that were seeking change and new ways of expression. 

   Fast forward a few decades later and Unitryb's timeless style along with their "unity in the community" message is as relevant today as it was back then. The regeneration of the brand has been spear-headed by one of the founding members and pays homage to the brands DNA: Look to the past-apply to the present-define the future.

   Today their pinnacle style features the integration of hand pockets into a tailored fitting button up silhouette. The Unitryb "Tailored Shirt with Hand Pockets" is interpreted through the lens of seasonal stories seeking to unite craft and culture with quality and function.
  Secondly, their signature Sojourn "crochet pocket" style is a platform for collaborative expression with refugee artisans. Collaborative interpretations of the pocket applied to the Unitryb "Tailored Shirt with Hand Pockets" builds awareness along with proceeds that go back to their countries most pressing needs. Unitryb seeks to replace walls of separation with bridges of unification. 
                                        -unity in the community